All three of the Ugress studio albums feature a track with the number 22 in the title.

The tracks are:

Appearances of 22Edit

  • Trigger 22 has a Norwegian sample of a female voice whispering "to-og-tyve", which translates to "twenty-two".
  • Battle 22 has an English sample of a female voice saying: "twenty-two"
  • Unicorn has the number 22 printed in the cover and on a page inside the booklet.
  • The blog post for the Unicorn Countdown day T-22 contained nothing but a large 22.
    • There is a "22" tag in the journal system.
  • 22 is the number of tries permitted per browser session to crack the Unicorn Riddle.


Gisle has never publically explained the use of the number 22.

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