Uncanny Planet Records Library
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Registration Manual
Created by Gisle Martens Meyer
Launched June 19th 2007

The Uncanny Planet Records Library is a feature of the Uncanny Planet Records website. It is the resource of almost all the public tracks Gisle has made. As of November 2007, it is still on beta-stage, with filtering functions halfly implemented, a big deal of tracks untagged and several other features still disabled. Since it's inception, no tracks since Bit Collapse had been added. However, as of August 2008, the Library contains all major release tracks, including Unicorn by Ugress, Ruins by Nebular Spool and both Vaults.

As Gisle stated on his blog, this system is mainly for the people that want to license his music, as sending physical material back and forth can become frustrating and even expensive.

The login system is the exact same as that in blog, although a seperate login is required. Manual approval is also required for a login status for the Library; it is not for the general public.

Trivia Edit

  • The Library doesn't contain any of the web extras.
  • A mere exception would be the secret song, Darkscar, from Bit Collapse.
  • It also doesn't contain songs published detachedly in the journal.
  • Album view displays tracks in reverse order (first track last and so on).
  • If a track has been on another album before, it's position is determined by the release date of the first album.
  • The player used for the tracks is Audio Player Wordpress plugin by Martin Laine. Although it is essentially a plugin for the Wordpress blog system, one can utilize it elsewhere by following a tutorial by Mindy McAdams.

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